Questions & Answers

Please find below some commonly asked questions.

Why is it important that my child should learn to swim?

Research shows that when you introduce children to swimming from an early age, they will reach significant milestones earlier than non-swimming children. They enjoy the benefits of developing greater physical, cognitive and emotional milestones and this also prepares them to be confident swimmers later in life. In New Zealand we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful waterways making water safety and confidence in and around water paramount for everyone.

Do you promote continuous year round swimming lessons?

Yes we believe in year round swim lessons because it has been proven that swimmers learn to swim at a faster pace with consistent lessons. It is also beneficial for swimmers on going health and fitness.

Can a swimmer join part way through a term and would they need to pay for the full term?

Yes, you can start part way through a term and you will only be required to pay for the remaining weeks of that term.

How quickly will a swimmer learn how to swim?

Each swimmer is unique and many different factors determine how quickly the swimmer will learn to swim – the swimmers developmental stage, previous experience in and around the water, as well as ability to adjust to a new environment. Please be patient and do not expect swimmers to make equal progress during each lesson. It is normal for learning to resemble a series of spikes and plateaus. Every swimmer will ultimately learn to swim with proper instruction and continual support.

Please note that consistency over time is one of the keys to success. We ask that you do your best to consistently attend your lesson.

Where are the lessons offered?

We currently offer swim lessons at the following locations:

74 14th Avenue

This is an outdoor 10 metre pool heated to 32 degrees in a private setting. We offer the following group and private classes at this location:

  • Parent/baby
  • Preschool Learn to Swim
  • School Age Learn to Swim (Levels 1-4)
  • Special Ability
  • School Holiday Programmes
Toi Ohomai Aquatic Centre

This is an outdoor 25 metre pool heated to 28.5 degrees in the winter and 27 degrees in the summer. We offer the following group and private lessons at this location:

  • School Age Learn to Swim (Levels 4-5)
  • Adult Learn to Swim
  • Junior and Adult Squad
  • Special Ability
  • Ask us about private lessons tailored to your specific needs
Omokoroa #1 School

Swim lessons are offered at this location during Terms 4 and 1 along with Holiday Intensive Programmes in January. We offer the following group and private lessons at this location:

  • Parent/baby
  • Preschool Learn to Swim
  • School Age Learn to Swim
  • Adult Learn to Swim
  • Junior and Adult Squad
  • Special Ability
  • School Holiday Programmes

How many lessons are there in a term?

We follow the primary school calendar and terms are usually 9-10 weeks long.

Do you consider age or ability when determining a swimmers level?

Yes we do. Keeping our classes age and level appropriate is very important to us.

How do I enrol my child for swimming lessons?

You can enrol by signing up to our online swim school management platform, send us an email or you can give us a call on 027 267 7946.

Upon receiving your enquiry, we can discuss your needs and whether an assessment is required.
We can then let you know what classes we have available and place you accordingly.

Places are only secured once we have received your payment in full. We do not hold places or accept part payments.

Do you offer any discount?

We offer a 10% discount for families with more than 3 family members swimming in the same term. We also offer a 10% discount to any clients who refer new enrolments to our school that enrol for a full term. The referral discount is reflected in the following terms fees.

What if my child is scared or crying?

If your child is nervous or crying, please take a moment to chat with the instructor. Some children may suffer from separation anxiety, and this will go away as soon as the child gets to know and trust the instructor. A fear of new places may also cause a few tears, and this will also go away with time. Being afraid of the water is not uncommon in younger beginners, but the instructor will help your child adjust to the water through basic skills such as blowing bubbles, songs and games. With time, your child will be happy and successful in the water. Please be patient and allow the instructors and staff to work their magic with your child.

Do swimmers have to wear a Swim cap and Goggles?

For hygiene reasons all swimmers must wear a swim cap during every lesson. Swim caps help maintain your body heat as 80% of heat is lost through the head.

Goggles are a must for everyone as they not only protect your eyes but also aid in learning to swim. We sell high quality children and adult goggles at a reduced price for our swimmers.

Do you run holiday intensive programs?

During the school holidays the weekly classes are suspended. However, we offer an intensive Monday to Friday course normally run between 9am and 12pm. These provide a great way of learning and gaining skills quickly over a short period of time in preparation for the next term.

Details can be found on our facebook page.

Do you offer make-ups or credits for missed classes?

As your place is reserved solely for you during the term we do not provide make up lessons or refunds for missed classes. We do, however, provide up to 3 makeup lessons per term for illness and injury where a medical certificate is provided for you.

What happens if classes are cancelled?

The cancellation of lessons is at the discretion of management and is normally only ever done with swimmers safety in mind. This includes but is not limited to lightning, pool hygiene and natural disasters. You will receive a phone call if your lesson has not started letting you know your class has been cancelled and a makeup lesson with be scheduled.

How do I book my child for the next term?

Existing students are automatically re-enrolled for the following term.

A roll over email is sent to everyone 5 weeks prior to the end of the term. This gives you ample notice to ensure there are no clashes with other commitments. If you DO NOT wish to re-enrol, we ask that you kindly notify us by email no later than 3 weeks prior to the end of term.

You will be issued with an invoice via email 2 weeks before the end of term that will confirm the new terms lesson day/s, time/s and fees. Payment must be received prior to the new term starting.

When and how do I pay for swimming lessons?

Swim fees are required to be paid no later than TWO WEEKS prior to the beginning of the term. Our preferred method of payment is internet banking. We do not accept Eftpos or Credit cards.

Cancellation for the following term

If you DO NOT wish to re-enrol, we ask that you kindly notify us by email no later than 3 weeks prior to the end of term. As classes for the following term are set 3 weeks prior to the end of each term cancellations received after this will be subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the total cost of the invoice.

No refunds for the full term fees can be given for cancellations received after the term has started. Please note that all lessons are non-transferable.

All terms and conditions are binding with Tauranga Swim School.